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Infrared Hike

Since finishing out the year of my Project 365 photo challenge I have taken rather a long hiatus from posting any images.  It’s been rather liberating to not have to worry about keeping up with posting a daily image, but by no means have I taken a break from shooting.  In fact, I have been shooting nearly every day since the end of the challenge and lovin’ every minute of it!  Here’s a sampling of infrared images taken over the weekend while hiking at a nearby state park.  Thanks for stopping by!

Caesar's Creek_20130920_013-Edit-Edit

Caesar's Creek_20130920_017-Edit-Edit-2

Caesar's Creek_20130920_002-Edit-2


Project 365 – Blush Rose

Today’s P365 image really should have been trashed right out of camera; it was really awful.  Feeling guilty for missing so many posts lately, I snapped a number of photos late last night using my flash in the hopes creating one image to post.  And as my heart really just wasn’t in it, they were all pretty much garbage.  But I decided to fool around with this image to see if I could turn it into something usable.  While it certainly won’t win any awards, I kind of like the final result especially considering the ugly duckling I started out with.

Blush Rose Abstract_web1

Project 365 – Superman

This image from a recent photo shoot with my son took 2nd place at my photography club competition last night.  It was all I could do to hold on to this image until after the competition.  Needless to say, I love it!

Cartoon Superman-Edit-2

Project 365 – Painterly Purple Coneflower

A shot of a purple coneflower with a painterly effect using Topaz’s Simplify software.

Coneflower Simplify

Project 365 – A Walk In The Park

An infrared stitched panorama shot from the park today with lots of Topaz software editing.


Project 365 – Infrared Blossom

It’s been so crazy busy around here lately that I haven’t had time to go shooting other than in my back yard.  I photographed today’s image of an apple blossom with my infrared converted camera and processed it with Topaz software.  Hopefully things will settle down soon so I can go hunting for a new subject matter. 🙂


Project 365 – Rainy Day Tulip

With too many things on my to-do list and not enough time to do them, I quickly snapped today’s P365 in the rain this morning.  Project 365 image… Check.  Now, on to the next task…

Rainy Tulip