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Project 365 – White Onion Blossoms

White Onion Blossom

Project 365 – Garden Fairy

Richard Fox's Garden_20140804_022

Project 365 – Learning To Fly

(Hint: Cue Tom Petty’s song while reading this post.) 😀

The weather here has been beyond gorgeous.  My little guy and I have been enjoying the mild temperatures and spending a lot of time outdoors.  Yesterday we spend another glorious afternoon playing at the park.  He had a blast hanging out with all the kids, and I got to spend a little time getting more acquainted with my 85mm manual focus lens.

I love this shot of him “learning to fly”.  He tried flying off the swing the day before, but just didn’t quite manage to get air.  After watching some other boys launch themselves off of the swings, he decided to take another stab at it.  By golly, I think the boy’s got it now!


Project 365 – Froggy Went A-Courtin

We found this little fellow stuck in our window well last night and my sons rescued him.  Frogs and toads are forever getting trapped down there.  Invariably I always seem to get this song stuck in my head when we bring out the rescue party.  I sang the few bits I could remember to my kids and then decided to look it up.  Do yourself a favor and have a listen.  I guarantee it will put a smile on your face today.  🙂

Macro Toads and Frogs_140723_006-Edit-2

Project 365 – Honey Bee

I spent some time messing around with some more macro shots in the garden tonight.  It was really breezy so capturing a completely sharp image of a very busy honey bee as it swayed to and fro on the flowers proved to be quite impossible.  While not completely sharp, this was my best capture of the night.

Honey Bee


Project 365 – Picking Strawberries

Our strawberry patch has produced bucket loads of strawberries this year, but it’s just now beginning to taper off.  I enlisted the help of my son to pick our ripe berries today and snapped a bunch of cute pictures of him in the process.  He cracked me up as he kept repositioning his hat for various poses throughout the photo/picking session.  🙂