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Infrared Hike

Since finishing out the year of my Project 365 photo challenge I have taken rather a long hiatus from posting any images.  It’s been rather liberating to not have to worry about keeping up with posting a daily image, but by no means have I taken a break from shooting.  In fact, I have been shooting nearly every day since the end of the challenge and lovin’ every minute of it!  Here’s a sampling of infrared images taken over the weekend while hiking at a nearby state park.  Thanks for stopping by!

Caesar's Creek_20130920_013-Edit-Edit

Caesar's Creek_20130920_017-Edit-Edit-2

Caesar's Creek_20130920_002-Edit-2


Project 365 – White Onion Blossoms

White Onion Blossom

Project 365 – Infrared Zinnia

At a recent photography club event I was inspired to try something new with my infrared camera.  I have thoroughly enjoyed using my macro extension tubes attached to my regular lenses on my regular cameras to achieve a poor man’s version of macro photography.  But it suddenly dawned on me that I had never tried shooting macro with my infrared camera.  I quickly popped on an extension tube and began snapping away, and a whole new photographic adventure has been born!

Richard Fox's Garden_20130803_011-Edit-2

Project 365 – Learning To Fly

(Hint: Cue Tom Petty’s song while reading this post.) 😀

The weather here has been beyond gorgeous.  My little guy and I have been enjoying the mild temperatures and spending a lot of time outdoors.  Yesterday we spend another glorious afternoon playing at the park.  He had a blast hanging out with all the kids, and I got to spend a little time getting more acquainted with my 85mm manual focus lens.

I love this shot of him “learning to fly”.  He tried flying off the swing the day before, but just didn’t quite manage to get air.  After watching some other boys launch themselves off of the swings, he decided to take another stab at it.  By golly, I think the boy’s got it now!


Project 365 – Margherita Pizza

Hoorah…  It’s Friday night pizza night!  Tonight I made the first Margherita Pizza of the season, and while our garden tomatoes haven’t yet come in, some of our basil plants are looking amazing thanks to a few big doses of fish fertilizer and epsom salts.  I also tried a new pizza crust recipe that simply rocked my world.  Now, stuffed to the gills and with garlic breath that could knock a hippopotamus out cold, I am happily signing off to go goof off with my little one for the rest of the night.  Peace out, Peeps.


Project 365 – Filmic Echinacea