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Project 365 – Sepia Coneflower



Project 365 –


Project 365 – Tennessee Strumming

Hanging out with family in Gatlinburg while I was shooting my nephew’s senior pictures, my little one took the opportunity to check out his cousin’s super cool guitar.  Looks like a certain someone may have a guitar waiting for him under the Christmas tree this year.  🙂

Tennessee Strumming

Project 365 – Superman

This image from a recent photo shoot with my son took 2nd place at my photography club competition last night.  It was all I could do to hold on to this image until after the competition.  Needless to say, I love it!

Cartoon Superman-Edit-2

Project 365 – Props At The Park

My little one and I spent the evening at the park goofing off with props, playing at the playground, and ending the night with an ice cream reward.  I am just now diving into the images, but I can tell I am going to have great fun playing with some creative editing on these shots!  Oh, and despite the rather sullen looking face, my son really did have a good time. 😉

Tyler Cosplay_20140731_011-Edit

Project 365 – Learning To Fly

(Hint: Cue Tom Petty’s song while reading this post.) 😀

The weather here has been beyond gorgeous.  My little guy and I have been enjoying the mild temperatures and spending a lot of time outdoors.  Yesterday we spend another glorious afternoon playing at the park.  He had a blast hanging out with all the kids, and I got to spend a little time getting more acquainted with my 85mm manual focus lens.

I love this shot of him “learning to fly”.  He tried flying off the swing the day before, but just didn’t quite manage to get air.  After watching some other boys launch themselves off of the swings, he decided to take another stab at it.  By golly, I think the boy’s got it now!