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Winter Walk

Wow!  I can hardly believe it’s been since September since I last posted!  I have been a very busy girl working to set up my new photography business so, although I have been shooting a lot, I haven’t had the time to dedicate to keeping up with my blog.  As time permits, I am going to try to post images more frequently as I rather miss the challenge and growth I experienced from shooting something new every day.

I decided to combat my cabin fever with a couple of walks at some nearby parks this past weekend.  Both of these images were taken with my infrared converted camera during yesterday’s walk.  It really wasn’t as dark and gloomy as these images suggest, but rather they were processed to appear that way.

Thanks for looking!

Sugarcreek Reserve__20150118_010 Sugarcreek Reserve__20150119_013


Project 365 –

I have been rather delinquent about my P365 posting lately, but happily not delinquent in my photography.  I’ve had tons of fun photographing a couple of friends in my studio, and an equally fun time playing with their images in my photo editing software.  Here are some of the images I have edited so far from these shoots.  (So blessed to have such great friends to pose for me!)







Project 365 – Infrared Lake Panorama

Silver Lake Pano IR-Edit-Edit

Project 365 – Infrared Willow

This morning a stole away to a local park for a bit with my infrared camera and my newest toy, an old Konica 35mm film camera that I picked up on the cheap at a local antique mall.  I am still on my first roll of film and hope to finish it out and get it developed later this week.  It’s a beauty and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it actually captures decent images.

For this image of a weeping willow I decided to go with just a partial channel swap instead of the full swap, which would have resulted in deep blue sky and water.  I preferred the purple hue of the sky and water because to me the blue hue just didn’t produce an image that looked like it was captured with an infrared camera.   But it won’t be long until the leaves finally return and I can start attempting to create the beautiful, surreal images of traditional infrared photography with the gorgeous snow-white foliage and deep blue skies!

Infrared Willow

Project 365 – Minolta XG1

Minolta xg1

Project 365 – The Lion’s Lovely Headband

So it’s late and I am sliding today’s P365 image in at the last-minute (and hoping no one noticed I skipped the challenge yesterday).  It was a busy day today, but tonight I felt compelled to shoot something so I decided to photograph my son’s lion sporting this cute baby headband I made today.  I think it’s pretty cute on the lion, but I really can’t wait to try it out on a real baby!

Homemade HeadbandAs always, please leave your comments, suggestions, and critiques below.  Thanks for looking!