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Infrared Hike

Since finishing out the year of my Project 365 photo challenge I have taken rather a long hiatus from posting any images.  It’s been rather liberating to not have to worry about keeping up with posting a daily image, but by no means have I taken a break from shooting.  In fact, I have been shooting nearly every day since the end of the challenge and lovin’ every minute of it!  Here’s a sampling of infrared images taken over the weekend while hiking at a nearby state park.  Thanks for stopping by!

Caesar's Creek_20130920_013-Edit-Edit

Caesar's Creek_20130920_017-Edit-Edit-2

Caesar's Creek_20130920_002-Edit-2


Project 365 – More Shots From The Rodeo

I didn’t take any new images today so I am using  a couple of images from yesterday’s shoot at the rodeo.  Like yesterday’s image, these were also taken with my infrared camera and doctored with some editing software.

Fox Hollow Infrared_20130614_001-Edit-Edit

Fox Hollow Infrared_20130614_008-Edit


Project 365 – Infrared Tractor

I snapped today’s image after I passed by our local rodeo and, on a whim, decided to turn around and take a few photos.  I used my infrared camera to capture this shot.

Fox Hollow Infrared_20130614_010



Project 365 – Honeydew Pond



Project 365 – Infrared Horses Grazing

The horses at a nearby farm were out grazing so I took the opportunity to snap some infrared images.  This pair briefly huddled together while snacking on the grass before moving on.


Project 365 – Blue Duck Pond

Infrared capture on my way home from errands this morning.