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Project 365 – Infrared Zinnia

At a recent photography club event I was inspired to try something new with my infrared camera.  I have thoroughly enjoyed using my macro extension tubes attached to my regular lenses on my regular cameras to achieve a poor man’s version of macro photography.  But it suddenly dawned on me that I had never tried shooting macro with my infrared camera.  I quickly popped on an extension tube and began snapping away, and a whole new photographic adventure has been born!

Richard Fox's Garden_20130803_011-Edit-2


Project 365 – Garden Fairy

Richard Fox's Garden_20140804_022

Project 365 – Honey Bee

I spent some time messing around with some more macro shots in the garden tonight.  It was really breezy so capturing a completely sharp image of a very busy honey bee as it swayed to and fro on the flowers proved to be quite impossible.  While not completely sharp, this was my best capture of the night.

Honey Bee


Project 365 – Filmic Echinacea