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Project 365 – Blush Rose

Today’s P365 image really should have been trashed right out of camera; it was really awful.  Feeling guilty for missing so many posts lately, I snapped a number of photos late last night using my flash in the hopes creating one image to post.  And as my heart really just wasn’t in it, they were all pretty much garbage.  But I decided to fool around with this image to see if I could turn it into something usable.  While it certainly won’t win any awards, I kind of like the final result especially considering the ugly duckling I started out with.

Blush Rose Abstract_web1


Project 365 – Blushing Rose Greeting Card

My daughter received a bouquet of beautiful pink roses from her grandmother for her 18th birthday.  They are several days old now and just beginning to fade, so I decided I better photograph them before it was too late.  When I finally finished editing the photo I felt the image needed just a little something extra.  Since it looked like the perfect candidate for a greeting card, I opted for a scripture verse.  I like how the verse finished off the image and now I have a pretty card to share with friends and family, and perhaps it will even make it into my Etsy shop.

Rose Phil 1 3As always, please leave your comments, suggestions, and critiques below.  Thanks for looking!