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Project 365 – White Onion Blossoms

White Onion Blossom


Project 365 – Blush Rose

Today’s P365 image really should have been trashed right out of camera; it was really awful.  Feeling guilty for missing so many posts lately, I snapped a number of photos late last night using my flash in the hopes creating one image to post.  And as my heart really just wasn’t in it, they were all pretty much garbage.  But I decided to fool around with this image to see if I could turn it into something usable.  While it certainly won’t win any awards, I kind of like the final result especially considering the ugly duckling I started out with.

Blush Rose Abstract_web1

Project 365 – Sulfur Shelf Fungus

A shot of what appears to be sulfur shelf mushrooms that my son and I discovered on our hike in TN this week.  Apparently it’s edible and tastes like chicken!  LOL!  I think I will pass on the taste test, but it sure was striking.


Project 365 – Infrared Zinnia

At a recent photography club event I was inspired to try something new with my infrared camera.  I have thoroughly enjoyed using my macro extension tubes attached to my regular lenses on my regular cameras to achieve a poor man’s version of macro photography.  But it suddenly dawned on me that I had never tried shooting macro with my infrared camera.  I quickly popped on an extension tube and began snapping away, and a whole new photographic adventure has been born!

Richard Fox's Garden_20130803_011-Edit-2