Project 365 – Shots From The Garden

With lots of thunderstorms in the forecast and a heavily overcast sky, I had perfect soft lighting to capture images from my garden this morning.   Here’s a sampling of what I captured today, as well as a couple from last night.

These cool mushrooms popped up all over the lawn and garden overnight!  I have no idea what kind they are or if they are poisonous, but they were really fun to photograph.



Some radishes that have my father’s name written all over them as I anticipate his arrival tomorrow in preparation for my daughter’s graduation.DSC08365-Edit-EditA promising looking tomato and some new buds…

DSC08371-Edit-EditHere’s a gorgeous cone flower I captured last night.

DSC08344-Edit-2-EditMy neighbors nest of kilsdeer hatched yesterday and I snapped this photo of this little guy last night.


Our strawberry patch has produced tons of strawberries this season.  I am amazed every time I go out to harvest just how many there are.  After my early morning photo shoot I rushed to harvest our berries as I listened to the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance.  I fished harvesting these berries just as the rain began to fall.  Hopefully I will have time to make some jam in the next few weeks.

DSC08114-Edit-EditThat’s all for now!  With my daughter’s graduation this weekend and family coming in town I doubt I will have much time to post any new images, so all of these will have to hold me over for a bit.  But with so many fabulous things happening in the garden and the upcoming flurry of activity I am sure my cameras won’t be collecting any dust!


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