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Project 365 – Infrared Auto

Photographed with my infrared converted camera and tweaked with Topaz.

RD Auto Parts_20130628_027-Edit-Edit-3

Project 365 – Margherita Pizza

Hoorah…  It’s Friday night pizza night!  Tonight I made the first Margherita Pizza of the season, and while our garden tomatoes haven’t yet come in, some of our basil plants are looking amazing thanks to a few big doses of fish fertilizer and epsom salts.  I also tried a new pizza crust recipe that simply rocked my world.  Now, stuffed to the gills and with garlic breath that could knock a hippopotamus out cold, I am happily signing off to go goof off with my little one for the rest of the night.  Peace out, Peeps.


Project 365 – Filmic Echinacea


Project 365 – Earthship Home

I attended a lavender festival in a nearby town this weekend and captured this image of an “Earthship home” constructed out of car tires, beer bottles, wine bottles, aluminum cans and clay adobe plaster.  I painted the image using Corel Painter.

Lavender Festival_20140622_PTR_2

Project 365 –

I have been rather delinquent about my P365 posting lately, but happily not delinquent in my photography.  I’ve had tons of fun photographing a couple of friends in my studio, and an equally fun time playing with their images in my photo editing software.  Here are some of the images I have edited so far from these shoots.  (So blessed to have such great friends to pose for me!)







Project 365 – Studio Portrait

I spent an amazing afternoon photographing my beautiful friend in my studio.  Here is one of the images from this fun shoot.