Project 365 – Chive Blossom Butter

Inspired by my favorite YouTube gardening channel, Rainbow Gardens, my son and I made some chive blossom butter this afternoon.  We sampled it on some homemade bread and, wow, this is delicious!  We used 2 sticks of butter, about 6 small blossoms, some chopped chives, and a little sea salt.  After we whipped it up, I used a mini muffin tin lined with plastic wrap to mold the flavored butter into disks and then I placed the muffin pan in the freezer.  Once they have set up, I plan to un-mold them and keep them in the freezer until I want to add a pop of flavor to some baked fish, veggies, or homemade bread.  We have a lot more blossoms to harvest in the days to come so I plan to make more of this delicious butter!



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