Project 365 – Waiting

So I have to admit coming up with titles for each of my P365 images is not my favorite thing.  Most days I feel like I am lucky just to find the time to photograph, edit, and post my image.  Titling and commentating are pretty much an afterthought, so I realize my titles are generally rather uninspiring.  While contemplating today’s title, I also kicked around “Waiting For Spring” since our crazy Ohio weather just went from being a gorgeous and comfortable 60’s yesterday, to overcast and bone chilling today.  Ultimately I decided to go with “Waiting” and had to chuckled to myself because for me it was less about waiting for spring and more about waiting for the dadgum photographer to get the shot!  God bless my sweet friend Cindy for being so patient with me as I got in a little shooting practice today.  ♥



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