Project 365 – More Orchid Images

I am working on taxes, chores, and feeling under the weather today so I won’t likely be doing any shooting.  Instead I thought I would post some more images from the orchid show a couple of days ago.

This first image was captured with an infrared converted camera.  I am new to the world of infrared photography and it’s really quite different from “regular” photography.  I have so much yet to learn, but it was rather interesting to try to shoot the flowers in a different way.

Infrared Orchids

Here is another one of my infrared images.  I almost deleted this, but then I attempted to resuscitate it with some creative software.  While not my favorite image from the shoot by a long shot, I think it ended up being worthy of saving.

Infrared Orchid Swag

Pink Multi Orchid

Pink Orchid on Black

Single White Orchid

Yellow Orchids


As always, please leave your comments, suggestions, and critiques below.  Thanks for looking!


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