Project 365 – Kingdom Come Love Experiment

Our church has just begun a six-week series called the “Kingdom Come Journey”.  The foreword in our field guide sums up the journey like this: “We want our lives and our city to look like heaven on earth – for beauty and life and joy to overtake this town. Jesus calls this holy overthrow THE KINGDOM OF GOD and when we look for it, we’ll find it. (Hint: it starts within.)”

Yesterday, at the end of service everyone was given a rose… and a mission.  The mission: to pass the rose on to someone else or leave it somewhere so it could be found by another and, in doing so, to touch someone else’s life with beauty and love.

I was intrigued, but at the same time I felt rather apprehensive about the assignment as it took me a little out of my comfort zone.  So I began praying that my rose would find just the right person, the one God had in mind for this particular rose and that it would bless them immensely that day.  In the end I decided to leave my rose in my grocery cart in the parking lot with a note.  As I drove away I noticed one of the special needs baggers from the store gathering carts from the extremely overrun cart corrals.  I was excited to think that this sweet young man, who always has a smile and a kind word for all the patrons, might be the one to receive my rose!  I was really tempted wait there to see what happened, but it was late and I really needed to get home to make dinner for my family.  But I enjoyed the experience so much that I have decided to do the love experiment again on my own, and next time I am going to lay low and watch to see what happens!  I can’t wait!

Over 800 people from my church received a rose and this same assignment.  We were also instructed to take a photo, if possible, of where we placed our rose and send it in to the church.  A slide show will be put together for us to see where all of our beautiful roses ended up.  I am excited to see the slide show and hear the stories of the lives we touched yesterday with this cool mission.

And now I challenge you to try this mission too!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick something, anything (it doesn’t have to be a rose) that you feel could touch someone’s life in a special way today and do it.  I guarantee it will be YOUR life that receives the blessing!  Mine sure did.  And if you do decided to touch someones life as a result of reading this today then please, please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear it and I think it would be fantastic if our church’s love experiment reaches beyond what we ever hoped or even imagined.  I’ve never asked for my readers to pin or share my blog, but today I am making an exception.  Pin it, share it, pass it along, and let’s just see how far we can take this thing!

This blog post will self-destruct in five seconds….

Kingdom Come RoseAs always, please leave your comments, suggestions, and critiques below.  Thanks for looking!


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