Project 365 – Snowy Descent

As I stopped to set up today’s Project 365 shot, I longed to venture down the steps and discover the beauty that lay below.  But shod with boots that were meant more for show and warmth than traversing icy pathways, all the while toting my precious camera perched atop my tripod, all I could do was gaze longingly down the staircase in wonder.

But as I look at this image now I get that sense of the alluring attraction of this beautiful snowy descent and a curiosity for what lay below.  I don’t often feel like my images tell a “story”, which is a goal of every photographer, but this one feels as though it does.  What do you think?  Does it feel as inviting to you as it does to me?

Snowy StepsAs always, please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, and critiques below.  Thanks for looking!


4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Snowy Descent

  1. Susan, it ABSOLUTELY does. I’m generally always in awe of your great use of words………..remind me……..did you always get A’s in English??

    Love, Mom

  2. Mom, you’re the best and only slightly biased, right?! Actually, I SOOOOO wish I had an editor for my blog because I think I must have about a KAJILLION grammar errors here and there that I don’t even see. I did get good grades in English, but sadly I did not do that well in grammar. /:

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