Project 365 – Molasses Cookies & The Grinch

To me, nothing says Christmas quite like fresh-baked goodies so I’ve been eager to begin my holiday baking frenzy ever since the decorating was complete.  I finally found a little time in my schedule to tackle the first batch of Christmas cookies of the season.   When my little one returned home from school, I thumbed through one of my cookie cookbooks for inspiration and ran across this recipe for Jumbo Molasses Cookies.  It sounded good to me so together my little one and I mixed them up and baked them.  They turned out to be pretty tasty (as an aside, I did deviate from the recipe slightly by omitting the allspice and adding 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon instead).  As we mixed in all the spices and molasses, however, I did begin to wonder if my little one would actually like them.  But when it came time for the official taste test he gobbled them up and begged for more!  And, to my utter amazement, my rather picky teenage son actually liked them too.  Score!

So, here’s my Project 365 shot of the day:  Molasses Cookies and The Grinch!  🙂

Mr. Grinch & CookiesAs always, please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and critiques below.  Thanks for looking!


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