Project 365 – The Moon & Venus

Last evening just after sunset the two brightest nighttime celestial objects, the moon and Venus, could be seen side by side in the southwestern sky.  The scene was so dazzling that I decided I would try my hand at some astronomical photography.  With my 70-200mm 2.8 lens affixed to my camera, I mounted it on my tripod and fixed my aim on the two brilliantly shining objects.  In order to avoid camera shake, I used a 2 second delay to trip my shutter.

I was quite pleased with these photos as this was my first attempt at shooting the night sky.  In hindsight, however, I think my 75-300mm  might have been a better lens choice.  But it was really fun and I am sure I will be attempting a lot more night shooting in the future.

Moon & VenusISO 100 f2.8 70mm 1/6 sec

DSC05765edtISO 100 f2.8 200mm 1/20 sec


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