Project 365 – Fly Over

One of my favorite things about living where we do is the rather frequent occurrence of “air shows”.  We live fairly close to a small airport that offers flying lessons.  On any given day we will have small planes flying overhead often engaged in various aerobatics.  Admittedly, the noise of the engines can sometimes be a bit annoying when they fly really close, but they are fun to watch.

But often, especially this time of year, we will hear a faint “whooshing” sound coming from above or catch a glimpse of a splash of bright colors in the sky.  And more often than not we will see not one, but several beautiful balloons soaring overhead!  Of course this is always a signal for me to dash inside for my camera to try to capture these beauties before they are out of sight.

Last evening, as I entered my neighborhood after running errands, I saw this beautiful balloon and rushed home to try to snap some photos.  Fortunately I had my camera with me so I jumped out of the car and immediately started firing away.  It was a nearly cloudless sky, but when I saw the balloon passing this cloud I knew it had to be part of my image.  I love how the edge of the clouds curl like a wave in the ocean and adds a touch of drama and movement to the image.



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