Project 365 – Birdhouse

It’s been an interesting day today preparing prints for entry into my first photography contest.  After narrowing down my selection of prints to my favorite three, I uploaded them to a local professional print service and placed my order.  Interestingly, until very recently, I haven’t had photos printed in many years so I was unfamiliar with which service offered the best quality.  Obviously I wanted to go with the “best” since these are going to be entered into a contest.  For the second time in about a month I used a professional “high quality” print shop for my photos.  And, once again, I was very disappointed in the prints.  They all looked quite a bit different than the images I saw on my monitor.  The prints came out too dark and the colors seemed off.

So I decided to take the advice of another photographer and print them at home on my “inexpensive” printer.  Skeptical that I would achieve an acceptable quality at home for these important photos, I tried it anyway.  The result?  My home-printed photos were MUCH better than the professional outfit!  I was blown away.  And I am thrilled that I won’t have to run all over kingdom come printing my photos for my monthly photography contest!

The moral of the story:  Your el cheapo home printer might well do a much better job of printing your photos than some fancy-schmancy professional print shop!



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