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Project 365 – Autumn Tree


Project 365 – Fountain

Today’s photo opportunity didn’t happen until tonight when I was coming home from errands and discovered our neighborhood fountain was finally turned back on again.  It seems there’s always one problem or another with it and it doesn’t function most of the time for some reason.  I had all but decided not to post today, but when I saw this I just had to stop and give it a try.  With any luck it will continue to function for a while so I can keep on practicing.


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Project 365 – Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my ______ birthday.  Um, no.  I am not telling you which one it was so don’t bother asking.  😉  I celebrated by doing as close to nothing as I possibly could.  I enjoyed a free lunch at Qdoba and my DH made a huge dinner that left me stuffed to the gills.  But seeing and smelling this incredible mocha cake left me utterly defenseless against its alluring powers.   However, he knows me well.  I am not a big cake fan so he also bought me a key lime pie, which is one of my all-time faves!  I haven’t managed a slice of that just yet as I opted for cake and ice cream last night instead.  I must say it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!  I even had a slice for breakfast before heading out for my run.  Hey, what can I say?  I burned it all off, right?  Now, I wonder if I burned enough calories to justify digging in to that pie?

Birthday Cake

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Project 365 – My Beautiful Daughter

My daughter and I went on a senior picture photo shoot last night, and I was beyond thrilled when I came across this beautiful image during my editing this morning.  The best part… My daughter loved it too!  Whew!  Hopefully, now that at least some of the pressure is off, we will get even more great photos when we go out shooting.

Senior Photo

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UPDATE:  I found another one in my files that I like even better!  Yay!

Senior Photo

Project 365 – Sunflower

The sunflower field near my home is fast fading away as the cooler weather is upon us.   On a whim, I turned the car around after passing the field and wandered in to snap a few photos.  The breeze was brisk and the flowers were constantly on the move, but I did manage to get this photo.  The bees sure seemed as happy to find this lovely flower as I was!


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Project 365 – Still Practicing

I just spent a wonderful day with my friend celebrating my birthday (a little early).  We did some shopping and she treated me to delicious lunch, but the best part of the day was discovering a great new photography location close to home!  She’s such a great sport about allowing me to practice my photographic skills too.  We topped of our fun day with some frozen yogurt.  Mmmmm…  (Good thing I ran this morning ’cause I am still stuffed and DH is taking me out to dinner tonight.)

Here’s one of my favorite captures of the day.


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Project 365 – Product Photography

Today is cleaning day and a day to catch up on my to-do list so there’s been no time for “fun” photography.  But I did attempt to take some photos for a new product line for my Etsy shop.  I plan to add photo greeting cards to my shop, so today I took some quick photos to see how they would turn out.  I shot these in my living room vs. shooting them in my light box, which I feel would be too “sterile” an environment for this new line of products.  I didn’t use any off camera lighting, but I think I am going to need to next time to get the best quality photos.  I am not  happy with how these photos turned out so I will try shooting them again another day.

Birdhouse Photo Greeting Card

Birdhouse Photo Greeting Card

Birdhouse Photo Greeting Card