Project 365 – Tyler’s Art

Today’s Project 365 was a no-brainer.  As I descended the steps and rounded the corner, I found these two works of art taped to the wall and I had to chuckle.  How cute, I thought.  Obviously pleased with his handiwork, my little one wanted them displayed for everyone to see, right smack dab in the middle of the great room wall.  Mommy and Tyler, I mused?  Or perhaps Mommy and Daddy?

When I inquired however, he cheerfully retorted, “It’s me and Bridget!”  Stupefied, my teenaged son and I suppressed our choked laughter and exchanged dumbstruck glances.  Bridget, our sweet, albeit older next door neighbor girl and Tyler have been spending rather a lot of time playing together.  Oh my!  Sigh.  How fast they do grow up.

Tomorrow’s photo:  A close-up of my gray hair!

Tyler's Art


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