Project 365 – Just Peachy

It’s back to school day in our neck of the woods.  Hooray!  My teenagers started back to high school today and my little one had his phase-in day at kindergarten.  I couldn’t help but get a bit choked up as I slowly backed my way out of his classroom watching him make a new friend while playing with the building blocks.  Where does the time go?

I took a little time to play around with my new lens this afternoon before the rush of after school activities begins.  I must say, it’s only 3 days in to my Project 365 challenge and I am already struggling to figure out what to shoot.  I can see how this challenge will really help broaden my photographic eye and expand my creativity.  As I look at my surroundings I have to really ponder what might make an interesting subject or, rather, how I can make a boring subject interesting.  That, I am afraid, is perhaps the real challenge.

Peachy Keen web

Methinks I shall keep on trying…


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