Project 365 – Trapped

It’s day two of my Project 365 and after helping my step-son move back to college I was anxious to try out my new lens.  My goal for today was to find a barn to shoot for my photography club’s September photo contest, but I struck out… again.  One would think that living here in Ohio it would be a piece of cake to find an interesting barn to shoot.  But after many unsuccessful scouting excursions into the country I am discovering it’s a whole lot harder than it sounds.  I still have a little time to find something fun, but as I have wandered about and come home with so many less than inspiring images I am starting to lose heart.   But I am not a quitter so, come what may, I will find something to shoot!

I found this poor fellow strung up on a fence post at the equestrian center on campus.  I was drawn into the facility by the beautiful setting and even more beautiful horses wandering about.  But as I fought against the harsh mid-day sun, and a substantial fence that was rather difficult to shoot around, I gave up on stellar shot of the horses and scanned the area for something else that would be interesting to shoot.  And this is what I found.  Oh… and I LOVE the lens, by the way!  🙂

Trapped Moth Web

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