Project 365 – Funky Fence and Thistle

Introducing my first Project 365 photo post!  I love the idea of challenging myself to add at least one photo a day to my blog to help inspire me to keep on shooting and ever learning.  I know it’s going to be a difficult to keep up with this challenge, and I will probably have to get really creative in order to find something new to shoot every day.  But I am sure it’s going to be a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience.

I am not sure if this is breaking the rules of Project 365, but today’s photos weren’t actually taken today.  I am down with a summer cold and feeling rather rotten.  I might go shooting tonight if I feel better as I have a new lens that I want to take out for a test drive!  But I was anxious to begin and I thought these photos would be a good place to get started.

This first shot was taken a couple of weeks ago when I went scouting locations with a friend.  While I am not wild about the bright flower in the background as I find it rather distracting, I wanted to add this photo as inspiration to try shooting this subject again.  I didn’t care much for this shot in color but I love how converting it to black and white really added drama to the subject.  Can you see the spider web on the left side of the thistle?  I was tempted to flick it away when I saw it before shooting, but I am glad I decided against it.

Black and White Thistle

This image of a fence was taken the same day as the previous image.  This one was just seconds away from being deleted into oblivion because I did a really poor job of framing the shot.  When it came time for editing I found I didn’t have enough wiggle room to frame it the way I wanted. But, while messing around with it in Lightroom I decided to shift the crop angle a bit and lo and behold, I suddenly had something I found rather interesting!  I wish there would have been a bit more space above the front fence post, but alas this was all the image I had to work with.  I have included this one in my Project 365 because I learned a couple key things from shooting this image and I didn’t want the lessons to be lost.

Funky Fence

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below!  As always, I welcome your input.


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