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Project 365 – Horsing Around

One of my favorite things about being in a photography club are all the funtastic field trips we get to take!  Last night I was fortunate to participate another wonderful photo outing to a horse farm.  I am still busy working to edit the hundreds of photos I took, but here’s one of my favorites so far.  Isn’t he a beauty?



Project 365 – A Gnome’s Life

My day today is full to overflowing.  First a quick run, then some errands, lots of cleaning and laundry, and then, for the highlight of my day, I am off to photograph horses with my photography club at a horse farm!  I can hardly wait!

But ah, to live the much simpler life of a gnome…



Project 365 – Cicada Exoskeleton

The bittersweet day of ushering my youngest child off to kindergarten has at last arrived.  While I sincerely thought that day had already arrived some eleven years ago, God had a wonderful surprise in store for us.  But now I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that today was truly the last time I shall choke back tears as I watch my child climb the steps of the big yellow bus for the first day his academic adventure.  I don’t know whether to cry tears of happiness or sorrow.  My baby boy is growing up!

Ah, well, there’s always my beloved camera to keep me company in the lonely hours of my children’s absence.  And I reluctantly admit, lest you think me terribly heartless, that I didn’t waste a single moment with a box of tissues following his departure.  I immediately snatched up my camera and was off on my own adventure!  What can I say?  A mom is entitled to her photo therapy, yes?

For the next two hours I blissfully snapped photo after photo, attempting to put into practice all that I am learning from my photographic studies.  Here’s one of my favorite finds of the day.

Cicada Exoskeleton

Project 365 – Tyler’s Art

Today’s Project 365 was a no-brainer.  As I descended the steps and rounded the corner, I found these two works of art taped to the wall and I had to chuckle.  How cute, I thought.  Obviously pleased with his handiwork, my little one wanted them displayed for everyone to see, right smack dab in the middle of the great room wall.  Mommy and Tyler, I mused?  Or perhaps Mommy and Daddy?

When I inquired however, he cheerfully retorted, “It’s me and Bridget!”  Stupefied, my teenaged son and I suppressed our choked laughter and exchanged dumbstruck glances.  Bridget, our sweet, albeit older next door neighbor girl and Tyler have been spending rather a lot of time playing together.  Oh my!  Sigh.  How fast they do grow up.

Tomorrow’s photo:  A close-up of my gray hair!

Tyler's Art

Project 365 – Seeking Relief

Today is day five of a nasty summer cold, but the good news is I think am finally into the home stretch.  My nose is raw from all the blowing and I am never more than 10 feet away from a box of tissues.  Hopefully this is a good sign that my body is at last ridding itself of this icky virus.  For the most part I have avoided the daytime medications, but as I find I must head out for a pile of school supplies for my teens, and my nose requires almost constant attention, I decided I best pop a couple pills in the hopes of at least a couple hours worth of relief.  Taken in haste, this photo may not be perfect but, well, it is what it is so they say!  🙂


Cold Medicine


Project 365 – Just Peachy

It’s back to school day in our neck of the woods.  Hooray!  My teenagers started back to high school today and my little one had his phase-in day at kindergarten.  I couldn’t help but get a bit choked up as I slowly backed my way out of his classroom watching him make a new friend while playing with the building blocks.  Where does the time go?

I took a little time to play around with my new lens this afternoon before the rush of after school activities begins.  I must say, it’s only 3 days in to my Project 365 challenge and I am already struggling to figure out what to shoot.  I can see how this challenge will really help broaden my photographic eye and expand my creativity.  As I look at my surroundings I have to really ponder what might make an interesting subject or, rather, how I can make a boring subject interesting.  That, I am afraid, is perhaps the real challenge.

Peachy Keen web

Methinks I shall keep on trying…