Hyroponic Adventure: Day 17

SONY DSCUnfortunately I have been rather delinquent in my updates as life has been extraordinarily busy lately.  But the activity in the cart is so exciting I had to take some time to show you what’s been “growing on”. 😉

On the 31st I decided to try new seeds in the stations that were not showing signs of life since planting on the first couple of days.  Some of my seeds were old so it’s had to know what caused the failure to germinate.  Nevertheless I was anxious to start some transplants for my spring garden.  As you can see from this photo the Purple Broccoli (front left), Rapini Broccoli (next two plants in the row) have already germinated and are growing quite well in just four days!


Here we have two Slender Eggplants that were also started four days ago.  They are the two littlest sprouts that are sort of diagonal to each other.


In the front right corner of this photo we have some more Purple Broccoli.  Just behind that and in the same row is a Red Robin Tomato plant.  On the left is a Dwarf Bush Basil.


Here’s a photo sort of looking back on the previous plants, but you can also see how my purple basil is doing and my tarragon just to its left.  Parsley is pictured in the left hand corner of the photo and a buttercrunch lettuce leaf is sneaking into the shot on the right.


Here are the same plants but at a different angle.  The third row from the right is one of my favorites as it will likely be among the first I harvest.  The first two plants are buttercrunch lettuce and the back three are arugula.  The arugula seems to love living here!  However, the buttercrunch lettuce seems to be a bit weak stemmed.  I hope they will strengthen over time.


Here are my two sweet basil plants.  Their growth is slow but steady.  I do so hope they experience a growth spurt soon, however.  How I long to have an endless supply of this delectable delight!


The Micro Tom Tomato (front left) is doing fantastic!  In fact, all of the tomato plants appear to be very strong and healthy.  The leeks (tall slender plants… there are 3 here, but 2 might be difficult to see) are also growing well and I hope to be able to move them out of the cart to prepare them for outdoor transplanting before too long.


Here’s how my Baby Romaine is fairing.  Like the buttercrunch, the stems are a little weak looking to me.  I think I may try harvesting a few of the leaves to see if that will help the plants put more energy into the stems and strengthen a bit.  In the back left you can see one of the poppies I planted back on day one.  I don’t know how much longer I will let those two plants take up residence in the cart.  I will need to begin the summer garden transplants very soon and the poppies were just a fun experiment when I had a limited variety of seeds to play with.


These beauties (left) are a few of my peppers.  The back two are jalapenos and the one in the front is a Baby Belle.  They took a little longer to germinate, but now they are growing very well.  The arugula is on the right and in the far back corner is my dill.  It’s a little leggy and weak at this point.  I hope he toughens up a bit too.


Here’s the Extra Dwarf Pak Choy and Outredious Lettuce I planted about 8 days ago.  They look wonderful!  In the back left you can see the Baby Romaine.


The most surprising find this week was with my rosemary cuttings.  This first photo is of the older stem that was woodier and took longer to develop roots.  I was surprised to find such thick, healthy roots rapidly developing when I looked a couple of days ago.


By contrast, this is the younger stem that rooted more rapidly than the other cutting.  It’s still doing well, but the roots aren’t nearly as developed and strong as the older cutting.  I think the next time I will use an older stem, but I will try scraping away a bit of the brown exterior before dipping it into the rooting gel to see if it start developing roots faster.  Interestingly, this younger cutting has developed 3 new leaves while it’s been in the cart.  I haven’t noted any new ones on the older cutting.


I took this shot last night, and as the sun was setting just outside the window I had to lower the shade to take the photo.  Hopefully this full cart shot gives you a better perspective of the size of the plants.  I can just imagine the day when it is full to overflowing with mature plants of all kinds!


Over the past weekend my brother-in-law came and we tested the nutrient level and pH.  No adjustments to the nutrient level was necessary, but we did add some water and adjust the pH.  That was a bit tricky for me as I am so new to all of this, but I am sure I will get better as time goes on and I have more experience.  I plan to do an entire post about that some time in the future.

So, that’s all for today.  I am buried with projects right now so I doubt I’ll have another update until next week.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!  I would love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Hyroponic Adventure: Day 17

  1. Everything looks great! Don’t worry about your lettuce, it looks much better than mine (which looks much more “leggy”). I need more light .
    I was glad to see a picture of some roots. Can you show the lettuce roots too (next time)? :))) I have nothing to compare to and wonder if mine are developing ok…
    I know it takes time to post! Thanks! 🙂
    Lucky you! What a wonderful little growing machine t around :)))

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Donna. I just checked and the lettuce roots have not reached outside the net pots yet. I will keep an eye on them. I did discover visible roots on my tomato plants so I will plan to add photos of those to my next post.

    I wish I’d have taken a close-up of the lettuce stems coming out of the pots. The were very fine and seemed to be struggling to keep the leaves upright. But I am noticing that they are thickening a bit day by day and looking stronger. I will be harvesting a few leaves in the next day or two so it will be interesting to see how the plants respond. My mouth is watering thinking about that arugula! I think the first leaves may be destined for a pizza!

    Can’t wait to see a video on your system!

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