Hydroponic Adventure: Day 10

SONY DSCHere we are at day 10 of our hydroponic adventure and we have a lot of new things happening, as well as some nice growth with our existing seedlings.  There was one day this week that very little seemed to be going on, but I know there was plenty of growth happening below the surface.  Our seedlings are busy developing roots and getting stronger day by day.

Within about 24 hours of filling our last four vacancies, two of the four seedlings had emerged.  The Extra Dwarf Pak Choy and Outredous Lettuce surprised me with their rapid germination and growth.   They are pictured here in the right front (pak choy) and right back (lettuce), along with the two baby romaine plants just to the left.


I was also thrilled to see our jalapeno peppers finally sprouted.  These were planted on day one.


The leeks are getting taller by the day, although there are still a few leek stations that have not germinated.  In a few days if I still don’t see signs of life in the stations I planted on day one and two, I will start some new seeds.  Our Micro Tom Tomato in the bottom left of the photo is doing well and developing its first true leaves.


The first rosemary cutting that was added to the cart has finally started to put out roots.  I think the trick with rosemary is to use a younger, less woody cutting.  I also think I will scrape a bit of the woody part away before dipping it in the cloning gel and adding it to the cart.


The younger cutting is developing some impressive roots!


It looks like the African violets are starting to develop tiny roots, but I couldn’t quite get them to show up in the photo.  The leaves are still very healthy looking so I do expect the propagation will work, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Our buttercrunch lettuce and arugula are doing nicely (left hand row) and the purple basil is ready to be thinned.


And last, but not least our sweet basil are still humming along. 🙂


So that’s all for today.  I hope to be back soon with another exciting (to me anyway) update!  Hope you all have a blessed and Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Hydroponic Adventure: Day 10

  1. Hi Susan, I have been enjoying following along your hydroponic adventure every couple days. I would love to see a post about how the cart was constructed and what supplies/materials were required.

    • Hi Angela,
      Thanks for your kind words and following along on this adventure. The cart is an original prototype and patented invention of my brother-in-law’s which took him a few years to develop. The frame is made out of solid hardwood and there is a grid of spraying mechanisms that provide constant moisture to the bottom of the pots. It has a pump as well as a heater to regulate the water temperature. Beyond that I am rather clueless about the whole thing. We do have to keep an eye on the pH and nutrient levels and I am sure I will add a post about how to do that when I am more comfortable with the process. I do know that you can purchase ready made systems through hydroponic stores and there are lots of YouTube videos on how to make your own hydroponic garden.

  2. Looking great!
    I am so glad you are posting pictures. Now, I have something to compare my little seedlings to….
    I am thinking my babies may need some help! We’ll see.
    Looks like you are going to have some things to play around with soon! How often does cabbage, lettuce and peppers sprout together? lol

    • Donna, have you planted your seeds yet? I am anxious to see yours up and running!

      Are you adjusting the pH and adding nutrients to the water? My BIL is coming over this weekend to help me with our first adjustment. I am so glad I have someone walking me through the process because I am rather clueless about all of it. It sure is fun learning though!

      I think we will have lettuce in a couple/few more weeks. The peppers and tomatoes will take a bit longer. I hope to begin transplanting some of the stations so I can start my spring and summer transplants soon. Will need to keep an eye on the calendar so I time it right.

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