Hydroponic Adventure: Day 7

SONY DSCWhat a wonderful snowy Monday!  We’re at the tail end of a winter storm warning, and I am snuggled up in front of the fire working on some digital scrapbooking.  My little guy was able to go out and play in the snow and was especially pleased that it was good “packing snow”.  After lunch he ran out to check the mailbox and returned with a gigantic envelope full of seeds I ordered from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!  Holy moly I ordered a lot of seeds!

Our biggest surprises in the cart today included the discovery of roots growing on one of our rosemary cuttings…


And the emergence of our first pepper plant!  Welcome to the party, Pepper!


The rest of the seedlings as well as the cuttings still seem to be doing wonderfully.


The first spindly looking plant is a leek.  Several of the leeks I planted have sprouted, including one I accidentally put in with the thyme.  Oops!  I may try to transplant him when he get a wee bit bigger.


We filled the last four stations with some of the seeds that arrived today: Outredious Lettuce, Extra Dwarf Pak Choy, Mustard Habanero, and Albino Bullnose Pepper.  Here my little guy is planting the bullnose pepper seeds.  Such a good little helper!


Couldn’t resist adding this photo.


Or this one!


Our first true leaves are forming on the lettuces.  This is the buttercrunch.


And our baby romaine.


Here’s our updated seed map.  (I feel like hanging a “No Vacancy” sign on the front of the cart!)

Cart Grid

There’s still no sign of the chives, spinach, nasturtium, parsley, or cilantro or some of the other seed stations whose “siblings” (sorry, not sure what else to call them) have already sprouted.  But I have no doubt that more are on their way up.  Now that I have my summer garden seeds, I plan to begin transplanting some of the current seedlings when they get just a bit bigger and stronger.  I hope to start the majority of my transplants in the cart.  It should be interesting to see how this makes a difference in my summer garden.


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