Hydroponic Adventure: Day 3

SONY DSCThis morning as the snow fell and I sipped a nice hot cup of coffee in the comfort of my toasty warm house, I had the pleasure of meeting my indoor garden newcomers.  It was almost like Christmas morning… really!  But my plants could care less how cold it is outside.  They are busy going about their business of growing.  It seriously never ceases to amaze me when those microscopic seeds first begin to spring to life, but I must say this hydroponic adventure just adds to my amazement and awe!

The biggest surprise waiting for me today was the emergence of one of my Red Robin Tomatoes.  He’s small, but take my word for it he’s there.  I planted 3 of these so hopefully the others won’t be far behind.


The lettuces are doing splendidly!  I will need to do some thinning pretty soon as all the seeds seemed to have germinated. Here’s one of the two buttercrunch’s I planted.


And check out these baby romaine plants!  They are really going to town!


I was thrilled to see some basil making an appearance.  The very first seeds I planted were basil because it’s SO my favorite herb!


Here’s a look at how my first little thyme seedling is progressing.


This is one of my favorite shots.  It’s buttercrunch lettuce and arugula all down the row.  Gotta love it!


Last but not least, we have the baby romaine seedlings (in the front two pots) with the African violets and rosemary cuttings in the back.


So that’s all for today, but hopefully I will be back tomorrow with another update.  I see lots of activity down in the growing medium so there should be more excitement in the days to come.



2 thoughts on “Hydroponic Adventure: Day 3

    • They are some kind of tree bark, soilless growing plug. I just looked at the bag, but they guys must have thrown away the info. BIL likes them because they are safe for the system and can be transplanted to pots or outdoors. I found Ready Grow Super Plugs and Rapid Rooter Grow Plugs online that look the same.

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