July 10 Garden Update

Such a beautiful evening to take a few quick snapshots of some fun things in the garden.  After a stifling heat wave gripped a huge part of the country, our temperatures have finally dropped back within the normal zone.  Whew!

During the heat wave my DH and I spent an entire day setting up an irrigation system of sorts, and though I really find watering the garden therapeutic, it will be nice to have the option for automatic watering.  Ultimately we’d like to install a drip irrigation system, but for now we went with soaker hoses set up on an automatic timer.

The most exciting discovery in my garden this week was the appearance of this little guy.  Our very first fig!  I was so tickled to discover this tiny fig growing on one of the two fig plants we planted last summer.  I found two fig plants for $4 each on the clearance rack at Lowe’s and I just couldn’t resist picking them up.  I am still dreaming about all the fig preserves and fig and goat cheese pizzas we’ll be enjoying some day in the not too distant future… Lord willing!

Here’s another first for our garden: butternut squash.  I am not a very experienced cooking with winter squash, but I am going to have fun experimenting with some new recipes this fall.

Some peas…

a pumpkin growing on the trellis…

and one on the ground.

This last photo is of an anise plant I’m hoping to harvest seeds from pretty soon.  I haven’t used the leaves for anything yet, but I read they make a nice addition to salads.  I’ll have to do a little more investigating to see what other things the leaves can be used for, but I love using the seeds for baked goods.  The plant is a gorgeous addition to my herb garden!

That’s all for today’s update, but there’s a lot more fun stuff going on in the garden as well as some not so fun stuff too..  My poor tomatoes are still being affected by blossom end rot so I need to try to figure out how to remedy that problem.  If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!  In the meantime I am going to spray more calcium chloride solution and see what other information I can find about it.


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