The Garden Grows!

I’ve been meaning to take some photos of the garden for at least a week as I have watched it explode with new growth.  I continue to be in awe of the miracle of life and the splendor of God’s glory as I witness the seeds I’ve planted, some as tiny as pin heads, burst to life shooting forth up out of the earth.  Every morning I anticipate my morning walk through the garden, cup of coffee in hand, to see what the new day will bring.  Every day I am rewarded; new seedlings have emerged, blossoms appear seemingly out of nowhere, tiny tomatoes or berries appear with a promise of soon gracing our plates with their sweet goodness.  As evening falls I stroll through the garden once again to assess its progress.  Then the little one and I settle in on the deck swing and admire it some more as the sun dips down in the sky.  Here is a sampling of the snapshots I took tonight.

The strawberry patch only weeks after planting the bare roots.  We’re already being rewarded with a tiny handful of berries each day.

Here’s one of the tomato beds.  The plants were looking very yellow and sickly when I first put them in the ground, but they are looking so much healthier since I added the Tomato Tone and blood meal to the soil.  Whew!

Though I grew most of the tomato plants from seeds, the ones I purchased from the garden center are already bearing fruit.

Knee-high by the Fourth of July?

At the rate this corn is growing I think it’s a safe bet that these plants will be well past knee-high when the fireworks start flying!

This bed is ultimately destined to be exclusively for asparagus, but the nurseries were sold out by the time I realized I didn’t buy enough crowns.  For now the asparagus is sharing its space with some chard, eggplant and cosmos.

This bed has a little room to spare, but right now it’s home to some cucumber plants that we will grow vertically, some peppers, lemon grass,  nasturtium, some more cosmos, and tomatillos, though I may have started the seeds too late for them to bear fruit.

Ahhh.  Sweet basil!  Just one of the many varieties of my very favorite herb I planted.  The basil seemed to struggle a bit when I first planted it, but like the tomatoes it’s beginning to show promise.

Looks like we’ll be enjoying some crunchy cucumbers before too long.

The garden looks so full compared to this same shot taken only just a couple of weeks ago.

Though there are still a number of vacancies in the beds,  it will all soon be full as I plan to do some successive planting with a number of veggies.  For now my heart is full of joy as I watch in wonder as my garden grows!


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