Bottling Chardonnay

It’s doggon hot outside today, much too hot to work in the garden especially since I have a summer cold. Blah.  The A/C feels great and it’s a good day to tackle some jobs nagging at me from the wine closet: bottle the Chardonnay kit I started in March and rack the Skeeter Pee.

I purchased the Chardonnay kit from Amazon.  This is the second kit I’ve purchased from Amazon and both were Vino Italiano brand 4-week kits.  The price is excellent and the kits both seem pretty fool-proof.  The Merlot isn’t quite ready for drinking though I expect it will be in a month or two.  The reviews for both kits are very good even though they are so darn cheap.  This kit works out to be under $2 per bottle!  Add to that the dollar each I paid for the bottles and it’s still super stinkin’ cheap.  I only put labels and topper on a few of the bottles so they will be ready for gift giving or taking to events where presentation is a bit more important than simply serving the family.  This will save me from having to scrape labels before recycling for the next batch.

The bottles have all been sanitized and, using the bottling wand and my new auto siphon, bottling is a breeze!

Allowing the tip of the bottling wand to rest on the bottom of the bottle allows the wine to flow.  Once it’s filled to the bottom of the neck of the bottle it’s time to lift the wand and the flow stops.

Since corking takes both hands and my feet simultaneously, I wasn’t able to get a shot of that.  My little one even got in on the action by feeding the corks into the corker for me! He says he’s going to make wine too when he grows up.  I think he just wanted to get his hands on the cool corker gadget.  🙂

This batch made 25 bottles of wine.  Not too shabby considering I only paid $41 for the kit.  And by golly, this stuff is good!  I will probably give it a week before sampling a bottle.  Sounds like the perfect excuse to get the girls together for another wine tasting!


2 thoughts on “Bottling Chardonnay

  1. Yes, very busy. Might do a tasting Friday or the following week, but there’s too much going on through tomorrow to think through it. It will be soon though!

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