Photoshop Digital Greeting Card Success!

It’s garage sale day in our neighborhood and, as I’ve been so busy pulling that together all week I’ve not had much time to think about Mother’s Day this coming Sunday.  This morning, bright and early I opened the garage door, tagged a few miscellaneous treasures, and waited for the throngs of people to arrive.

Sadly, there have been no throngs.  Though the weather is beautiful, albeit a tiny bit on the chilly side, it’s been slow going with the sale.  Time to start thinking about Mother’s Day and, in particular, Mother’s Day cards.  Fortunately, I did spend a little time earlier in the week shopping online for mom’s gift and it’s already been shipped.  But the card, well that was going to take a bit more planning.

You see,  as a former Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and self-professed creative freak I feel great pangs of guilt if I purchase a greeting card vs. making one myself.  And ever since I started digital scrapbooking I’ve thought of making my own cards digitally as well.  In little snippets of time I have done a little digging around to see how to make cards in Photoshop.  I downloaded some templates and even made a couple of card fronts.  But I just haven’t taken the time to figure out how to print off the whole thing, outside and in, from Photoshop and my printer.

With nothing to do today but watch and wait, wait and watch for people to come and buy my wares, I opened up Photoshop and began designing.   Once the outside and inside of the card were complete it was time to fire up the printer and give it a go.

My first attempt was a flop.  I printed the outside of the card first, put the card stock back into the printer and printed the inside.  The greeting was upside down and on the wrong end of the paper.  So, I gave it another go.  This time I flipped my Photoshop document 180 degrees before printing the inside and, voila. Perfection!  I felt like dancing a jig!

All in all, it just wasn’t the monster of a project I made it out to be.  But isn’t that the way it goes?  We procrastinate and procrastinate when it comes to trying something new and when we finally do tackle it, it turns out not to be such a big deal after all.

Here’s the front and back of the card:

And the inside:

You can find card templates for Photoshop here.  The digital content is all from Stampin’ Up! and I found the poem here.

Unfortunately, my mom won’t be receiving her card on time this year (no surprise to her, I am sure).  But, Mom, if you’re reading this I LOVE YOU!  Happy Mother’s Day!


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