Tornado Warning!

Tonight I am hosting my first ever wine tasting!  I am am so excited!  I am having some of my friends over to sample my a few of the very first wines I ever made.   So today I’ve been racing around cleaning, racking a 5 gallon batch of Chardonnay, cutting the lawn, yadda yadda.  You know the drill.

But when my feet started aching I  couldn’t help but take a little creative break to finish a layout I started a couple days ago.  We had some big storms blow through here a couple days ago and I was able to capture some shots of the awesome display in the sky.  The sirens sounded and I sent the kids to the basement and grabbed my camera.  Here are the “finished” pages.  (I just made about 15 changes to the layout as I was creating this post.  I must learn to let it go!  It’s not like these were photos of my daughter’s wedding for Pete’s sake!)


I am off to make some Buffalo Chicken dip!


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